Dimuken Hologram Applicator DC-1603

The Dimuken DC-1603 Hologram Applicator model has been developed with versatility in mind and can be configured to run either sheet fed materials, or continuous web feed stock. Each foiling station can be supplied with either one or two foiling heads, each fitted with independently controlled foil feed and registration systems. Designed for the application of registered Hologram and Kinegram images on documents requiring high security anticounterfeit measures such as Passports, ID cards, Visas, Certificates, Cheques, Bank Drafts, Event & Travel Tickets, Gift Vouchers, Scratch Cards, Product & Brand Labels.

Three Versatile Operation Modes

Sheet Fed Configuration
When fitted with the optional Sheet Fed stream feeder and stacker units the substrate material is delivered to the foiling station via a vacuum transport belt which accurately feeds the material in preprogrammed steps to the foiling head where the image is accurately stamped in the required location.  
Pinfeed Drive Unit
When fitted with the optional Pin Feed Unit a continuous sprocket hole driven pin fed web can be run through the machine in preprogrammed steps via tractor pin feeds.  
Pinless Drive Unit
When fitted with the optional Pinless Drive Unit a continuous web (with no sprocket holes) can be run in print mark mode, the web is accurately fed by nip rollers to the correct location for applying the hologram using a registration mark printed on the web.

Basic Configuration

  • Fine impression control ensures perfect foiling results on any material substrate
  • Heated foiling heads can be individually adjusted for temperature & position with precision
  • Tooling head design allows instant and convenient access to the foiling heads
  • Independent stream foil registration system allows simultaneous running of separate foil feeds
  • Individual foil unwind and rewind stations for positive foil feeds
  • Mechanical foil release mechanism to separate the foil from the sheet
  • Regular and irregular impression draw lengths programmed via an operator friendly Touch Panel Display Screen
  • Optional Sheet Fed stream feeder and stacker units
  • Optional tractor pin feed system for continuous web feed work
  • Optional Print Mark System for pinless continuous web work

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  • Registered Holograms
  • Random Pattern Holograms
  • Conventional Hot Foil Stamping

  Sheet Fed Configuration

Continuous Feed Configuration