Dimuken Hologram Applicator DC-1605

The Dimuken DC-1605 Hologram Applicator model has been developed for stamping holograms on synthetic laminates such as polycarbonate used in the production of ID Cards, Passports, and licenses. With increased impression strength, and variable dwell time the Dimuken DC-1605 ensures quality foiling onto problematic laminate materials used in the manufacture of plastic cards.
The DC-1605 Hologram Applicator is supplied with three foiling heads, each fitted with independently controlled foil feed and registration systems. The position of the foiling heads can be freely adjusted across the width of the machine, with the ability to set them at 90mm apart to match the most common layout requirement for the application of holograms on sheets of polycarbonate used in the production of plastic cards.

Standard Configuration

  • Designed for foiling on synthetic substrates such as polycarbonate
  • Powerful impression strength ensuring perfect foiling results on problematic materials
  • Servo controlled impression gives full and accurate control of the speed and dwell times
  • Servo controlled sheet positioning allows accurate stamping positions in either millimeters or inches (metric or imperial)
  • Variable draw lengths programmed via an operator friendly Touch Panel Display Screen
  • Electronic foil registration system allows on the fly adjustments of 0.01mm for accurating image positioning
  • Independent stream foil registration system allows simultaneous running of separate foil feeds
  • Mechanical foil release mechanism to separate the foil from the sheet
  • Heated foiling heads can be individually adjusted for temperature & position with precision
  • Tooling head design allows instant and convenient access to the foiling heads
  • Easily removable make ready plates makes setting up and adjusting the make ready fast and simple
  • Foiling heads can be spaced 90mm apart to match the common layout requirements for applying holograms on sheets of polycarbonate used in the production of plastic cards
  • Standard sheet fed configuration includes stream feeder & stacker unit



  • Max sheet width: 520mm
  • Max sheet length: 720mm
  • Min sheet size width: 210mm (A4)
  • Min sheet length: 279mm (A4)
  • Number of Hologram heads across the sheet: 3
  • Minimum micron PC: 80 micron
  • Maximum micron PC: 150 micron
  • Min Hologram spacing 90mm across the sheet

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  • Hologram Foiling on Polycarbonate
  • Registered Hologram Application
  • ID Cards, Passports, Licenses, Visas


  • Powerful Foiling Impression
  • Variable Dwell Time
  • Removable Make Ready Plates
  • Quick Setup With On The Fly Adjustments