Dimuken Imprinter DC-8202

The multi-purpose Dimuken DC-8202 Imprinter model is designed to execute many "Value Added" processes on sprocket fed cheques, certificates, documents, forms, labels, mailers and tickets, all of which enhance the product to give greater value. It is equally useful for repair work.
This compact free standing unit is suitable for short to medium length runs and is quick to set up and operate. Production change sizes can be completed in a matter of minutes with negligible wastage.

Basic Configuration

    • Swing up tooling head for instant access
    • All optional equipment is the same height for ease of making ready
    • Impression control ensures a perfect result when Numbering and Die Cutting
    • Regular and irregular draw lengths are selected by push button
    • Preset counter with auto-stop
    • Draws lengths up to 99" in 1/12" increments
    • Accurate registration is achieved by push button and fine tuning controls
    • Micro Processor Controls give accurate response and rapid `make ready'
    • Heavy duty construction ensures durability and quietness of operation.

    Technical Features

    Like all other modules in the Dimuken range the Imprinter is designed to be used as a "stand alone" unit or in conjunction with other machines. The heavy duty caster wheels allow the Imprinter model to be re-sited to suit production requirements with the minimum of effort. Full logic Micro-Processor control gives amazing flexibility and years of outstanding trouble free use.

    Optional Parts

      • D-2400 Numbering Unit for all held, regular and irregular numbering (vertically and horizontally)
      • MICR mounting block for MICR and OCR Encoding
      • Cross Perforating Unit (can also be used on the Die Cutter DC-8203 model)
      • Patch Plate Holder for printing with polymer plates from ribbon
      • Tool Holder for Half Die Cutting Self Adhesive Labels and Die Cutting Garment Tags

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  • Static, Sequential, Held or Skip Numbering
  • MICR, OCR Encoding
  • Horizontal and Vertical Stop/Skip Perforations
  • Window Die Cutting
  • Blind Embossing
  • Half Die Cutting Self Adhesive Labels
  • Tickets/Tags
  • Credit Card Slits
  • Imprinting from Ribbon
  • Custom Perforating And Slitting
  • Specialized Products