Dimuken Rewinder DC-8407H

Dimuken have developed a range of systems and individual units for paper handling and print processing. The Dimuken Rewinder DC-8407H model is designed to operate in a stop/start situation at the end of a reel to reel off-line finishing process. Can be used in conjunction with a Laser or Ink Jet Printer, Hologram Foiler, Rotary Label Diecutter, or other free standing finishing modules. The modular design of the system allows the unit to be easily moved to suit the requirements of the job and production location.


This machine is designed to operate on a slack web principle. A Tandem Control Unit (TCU) web sensor is placed at the in-feed side of the unit so that when there is sufficient paper on the TCU the Rewinder will start and only stop as the slack in the web lifts clear of the photocells in the TCU caused by the preceding machine having either slowed down or stopped.

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    • Motorized reel lift
    • Centre driven rewind system
    • Web tension control via a powder brake
    • Programmable tension for different paper stocks
    • Reel Diameter, tension and amount rewound constantly displayed
    • Tandem Control Unit to interface with preceding machine
    • Max. Reel Diameter is 1,000mm
    • Max. Web Width is 48cm
    • Paper Weights from 40gms to 200gms