Dimuken Sheeter DC-8922

Dimuken have developed a range of systems and individual units for paper handling and print processing. The Dimuken Heavy Duty Sheeter DC-8922 is a free standing pin feed model with monocoque construction for rigidity and strength. Features a heavy duty blade that can be re-set by the operator without the necessity for service engineer visits and the blade can also be resharpened to extend its operating life.
The Dimuken Sheeter has been specifically designed for heavy duty cutting of multi-part sets and ticket card which traditional Sheeters cannot handle in long term production.

Application Usage

Like other machines in the Dimuken range the DC 8922 Sheeter is designed to be used as a stand alone module or in conjunction with other finishing equipment such as an ink jet or laser printer, encoder, hologram foiler or pack printer. It will sheet and slit a sprocket punched web and can be run pack to sheet, or with an additional unwind unit, roll to sheet.

Operating Principle

The Sheeter module can be installed in conjunction with all off-line finishing machines which use sprocket fed paper. The web is fed over a Tandem Control Unit sited on the floor which signals to the Sheeter when paper is available for processing. Upon receiving the signal to start, the Sheeter begins cutting the paper in accordance with the commands keyed into the Soft Touch Control Panel when setting up.

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    • Computer controlled register allows precision sheeting of plain or printed stock with margin trim and centre slit.
    • Simple operator controls allow fast set-up with centralized width adjustment.
    • Changes in sheet depth are by push button.
    • A powered delivery table is supplied as standard.
    • Sturdy construction gives quietness of operation and long life.
    • An optional double cut blade is also available which permits substantially increased running speeds when a double cut is required.