Dimuken Patch Applicator/Cutter DC-9537

The Dimuken DC-9537 Patch Applicator model has been designed to create integral labels, reinforced self sealing cards and window stickers from within the form itself.
The DC-9537 Patch Applicator applies a patch of label backing paper which has a film of double sided adhesive on it's surface to the rear side of the form which can then be kiss die cut on a Dimuken Patch Cutter (or Rotary Die Cutter unit) to create integral peel off labels. Alternatively a patch of clear self adhesive laminate can be applied to the face of the form to produce integral peel off reinforced membership cards, loyalty cards, car window tax discs or other similar products.

Operating Principle

The operating principle of the Patch Applicator is a knife cylinder which cuts a patch of backing paper or laminate film against a vacuum cylinder which then transfers the cut patch on to the paper web in register. Once the patch has been applied to the form the web is then fed into the Patch Cutter unit which completes the job by kiss cutting the peel off section.
This method of production allows the form with it's integrated peel off section to be printed in one pass thus eliminating the time and cost required to produce labels, cards or window stickers separately and then having to affix them to the carrier form. An additional benefit is that any relevant security data printed on both the form and the peel off section can not become mixed up in production.
These compact free standing units are suitable for short, medium and long run jobs. Quick to set up and operate with negligible wastage.

Application Usage

    Patch Applicator
  • Powder Brake system fitted to Film unwind shaft to control feed tension
  • Torque limiter system is used on the carrier film rewind shaft
  • Optional Change Size Cassettes for different form lengths
  • Laminating Film length is adjusted by change size gears
  • Film is cut by rotary cutting cylinder fitted with a replaceable cutting knife
  • Built-in Delivery Table

    Patch Cutter
  • Uses either magnetic or hardened steel rotary cutting cylinder to ensure accurate control of cutting depth
  • Uses flexible anvil cutting dies (thin steel stick on cutting dies usually used on magnetic cutting cylinders)
  • Auto start system using web feed sensor for running in tandem with other off-line finishing machines
  • Delivery table from Patch Applicator unit can be used on Patch Cutter to allow the two machines to run in tandem with each other

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  • Documents such as invoices with integral return address labels
  • Forms with integrated peel off numbered or Bar Coded labels for use on hospital, shipment or production documents
  • Pop out self sealing membership & loyalty cards
  • Car park or tax disc window stickers
  • Tamper proof self sealing ID Cards, Tags and Labels
  • Specialised Security Products