Dimuken DC-9746-A4 Rotary Sheeter

The Dimuken DC-9746-A4 Rotary Sheeter is a free standing rotary cutting action model with monocoque construction for rigidity and strength.
Originally designed for use with high speed laser printers it has proven to be equally well suited for use with other finishing equipment such as an inkjet or laser printer, encoder, hologram foiler or pack printer. It can also be run in conjunction with a printing press or collator as an optional sheeting unit. It is capable of running pack to sheet, or with an additional unwind unit, roll to sheet.

Application Usage

As an alternative to the pin tractor paper feed system normally used when cutting printed stock, the A4 Sheeter is also capable of feeding a plain (unprinted) web with no pin feed sprocket holes. This versatility allows the machine to be used in a variety of production situations, with it's rotary cutting action ensuring the highest performance.

Operating Principle

The DC-9746-A4 Rotary Sheeter module can be installed in conjunction with all off-line finishing machines which use sprocket fed paper.
The web is fed over a Tandem Control Unit sited on the floor which signals to the Sheeter when paper is available for processing. Upon receiving the signal to start, the Sheeter begins cutting the paper in accordance with the commands keyed into the Control Panel when setting up.
Even when used off-line the DC-9746-A4 Rotary Sheeter can be run in conjunction with a printing press or collator as an optional sheeting unit. This is enabled by simply fitting a Rotary Encoder to the other machine in order to synchronise the units.

Basic Specifications

  • Paper Width: 4" to 22"
  • Cut Sheet Length: 4" to 16" (adjustable by change gear)
  • Paper Weight: 55gms to 180gms
  • Ability to cut 4 parts in one pass
  • Max Speed: 100m/min when cutting 12" to A4
          90m/min when run online with high speed printer
          60m/min when cutting to mark on plain web

  • Precision sheeting of plain or printed stock with margin trim and centre slit.
  • Fitted with a suction system to remove the waste slug when cutting 12" forms down to A4 size
    (note: this feature is only avaliable when cutting 12" down to A4)
  • A vacuum pump with blower for waste removal are included as standard
  • A powered delivery table is supplied as standard.
  • When run on-line with a collator the A4 Sheeter is capable of cutting up to 4 parts in one pass.
  • Simple operator controls allow fast set-up with centralized width adjustment.
  • Sturdy construction gives quietness of operation and long life.