Dimuken Holostripe Applicator DC-9745

The Holostripe Applicator is designed to apply holographic or conventional foil stripes, or magnetic tape to documents requiring high security such as banderols, tax labels, tax stamps, tax seals, event and travel tickets, permits,vouchers, warranty certificates etc. The addition of holographic security is becoming more imperative to avoid illegal reproduction or tampering with the document. The application of foils also enhances the product to give greater value and visual impact.

Application Usage

Fully metallised and/or partially demetallised holographic stripes, conventional foil stripes, magnetic tape (with optional pancake feed system).
Like most modules in the Dimuken range the Holostripe Applicator is designed to run as a stand alone unit or in conjunction with other units such as the Unwind, Rewind, or Spiral Folder. Simplicity of foil and paper web paths reduces make-ready time to a minimum. Micro processor controls have been incorporated to maximise reliability and ease of operation. Heavy duty caster wheels allow the unit to be re-sited to suit production requirements. Sturdy construction provides on-going reliability.

Operating Principle

The Holostripe Applicator can be run by itself as a pack to pack unit at reduced speed but it has been principally designed to run at high speed in conjunction with other Dimuken models such as the DC 8406 Unwind and DC 8407 Rewind for roll to roll application or the DC 8406 Unwind and DC 8921G Spiral Folder for roll to fold application. The paper web is fed through the machine together with the appropriate number of foil streams running from foil bobbins, and guided between a heated cylinder and adjustable impression rollers. The foiled paper web exits the machine either to a pack, rewind, folder or sheeter and the waste foil carrier is discharged into a collecting device or an in plant waste extraction system.

Basic Specifications

  • Max paper web width    520mm
  • Min paper web width    102mm
  • Max number of foil streams    6 or 8
  • Min width of foil    5.65mm
  • Max width of foil    16mm
  • Max diameter of foil bobbin    200mm
  • Max width of foil bobbin    75mm
  • Min distance between foil stripes    38mm
  • Max speed foiling in roll to roll configuration    60m/min
  • Power supply    380v-415v 3 Phase

Basic Options

  • Cassettes to fit in foil feed station to run magnetic tape pancakes.
  • Heated castellated cylinder with matching impression cylinder to run foil or magnetic tape on thermal papers.

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  • 6 or 8 bobbin unwinds with independent tension control for each bobbin
  • Infeed foil guides, electrically heated cylinder with programmable temperature control
  • Individually adjustable impression rollers for each foil stream, rollers adjustable for variable foil positions across the web
  • Auto lift off mechanism for roller assembly when machine stops
  • Extraction system for waste foil carrier
  • Micro processor controls, heavy duty construction for durability