Dimuken Hologram Applicator DC8614-HS

The Sheet Fed Hologram Applicator is a free standing model capable of running four streams of registered holographic foil, designed for applying registered hologram images to documents requiring high security such as certificates, cheques, event and travel tickets, gift vouchers, ID cards, product and packaging labels, visas, etc..

Basic Configuration

  • Swing up tooling head allows instant and convenient access to the foiling heads
  • Stream Feeder unit with double sheet detector
  • Multiple stream foil registration system allows simultaneous running of separate foil feeds
  • Heated foiling heads can be individually adjusted for temperature and position
  • Individual foil unwind and rewind stations for positive foil feeds
  • Easily adjustable sensor mounting blocks to read side or vertical registration marks
  • Missing mark and foil void alarm systems
  • Regular and irregular sheet draw lengths selected by push button
  • Fine impression control ensures perfect foiling results
  • Sheet draw lengths in 0.1mm increments
  • Mechanical foil release mechanism eliminates the need for an air blast to separate the foil from the sheet
  • Micro Processor Controls give accurate response and rapid set up
  • Operator friendly Soft Touch Control Panel and Digital Display Screen
  • Sturdy frame and body construction gives quietness of operation and long life

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  • Registered Holograms
  • Random Pattern Holograms
  • Conventional Hot Foil Stamping